The theme of this project is to create architecture by deconstructing.
The project is of a warehouse building which has now been renewed into a hotel with an art gallery. Because it has been decided to be demolished in a few years, the design thought process needed to be different. It seems to be contradictory at first, but I thought about creating the design by breaking down.
Specifically, in order to realize the comfort demanded of a hotel, only the upper half of the finishing material was carefully removed from 1300 mm above the floor, being the eye level of someone sitting. Removing the ceiling material creates room height and gains a sense of tension as a gallery.
A new space appears by changing the method of disassembling without adding new things.

Location : 麻布、東京 Tokyo, Japan
Program : ギャラリー、ホテル Gallery, Hotel
Total Floor Area : 217 m2
Design Partner : Beyond Experience Group
© Photography by : Beyond Experience Group
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects