Infinity House

Infinity House



The gardens of Shinjuku Gyoen and the city landscape is close at hand.
The aim of this house is to allow comfortable living while enjoying the scenery as much as possible.
By rotating the kitchen so it fits along the interior wall, it opens up the view. Also by mirroring the large column occupying the center of the room, we captured the spreading scenery as much as possible in the room.
On top of that, the mirrored and boarded walls have a grove like feel, allowing the room to naturally connect to the trees in front giving you the experience of passing through trees throughout the house.
It is an attempt to reconnect the tower apartment that was cut off from the outside with the surrounding environment.

Location : 新宿、東京 Tokyo, Japan
Program : 住宅 Residence
Total Floor Area : 100 m2
© Photography by : Keishin Horikoshi, SS Tokyo
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects