WS Gallery 1

WS Gallery 1


This project is a renovation of a 50-year-old building, an art gallery. It is situated along Ginza Sukiya street which consists of eating and drinking establishments and luxury clubs. Through refurbishment, we attempted to connect the history of the building to the future. Specifically, while aligning new and old materials side by side, we assemble each texture and tone so that it connects past and the future. In addition, by creating a simple layout it makes maximum use of the boldness of the structure based on the existing column beam structure. It is a flexible space, but it retains its unique style with which the place was created.

Location : 銀座、東京 Tokyo, Japan
Program : ギャラリー Gallery
Total Floor Area : 182 m2
© Photography by : Keishin Horikoshi, SS Tokyo
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects