Niwa-Michi Housing

Niwa-Michi Housing


In densely populated urban areas where disasters are prone to do damage, national policies are being governed in order to improve local disaster prevention and living environment. On the other hand, there is a concern that the structure of the city may be drastically modified as it is reviewed from the roads and blocks, and it may be difficult to say that the lives of the people who continue to live in the place can be respected.
Therefore, we reflected on a way that the house can act as a receptacle for the existing residents who live in the dense urban area.
The densely populated structure of the city and the intertwining pathways seem to create a strong connectivity and uniqueness within the neighbourhoods that nurture over the years.
In order to inherit the lifestyle, we created “Niwa-Michi” (a combination of garden and pathway), and a plan to access each housing unit through it, therefore generating a feeling of connection with the ground.
The project hence becomes an extension of the city and becomes a shared space where public and private can be connected seamlessly. In addition, the buffer created by “Niwa-Michi” is improving the surrounding living environment.
“Niwa-Michi” links parks and greenery, is a partition that prevents fire spreading, and at the same time serves as a green network that links ecosystems, becoming a new infrastructure for the city.

date : 2019-01
Program : 集合住宅 social housing
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects