Roofs in Taipei

Roofs in Taipei


Interior of an apartment overlooking the mountains in northern Taipei City.
We aimed to create a one-room house where the spaces are continuously connected by reducing the number of partition walls so that the scenery of the gentle mountain hem that spreads out in front of you can be seen from any place.
The ceiling is a vault-shaped curved surface that spreads loosely as to correspond to the natural curve of the gentle mountains, and the one-room space is divided and connected to various areas one after another while changing the direction.
Studded various textures and materials could be seen in simply organized room under expanded curved ceiling, where mountain ranges with seasons, lively cityscapes, various furniture indoor, and all others are to incorporate the scenery into the house.

date : 2021-08
Location : 台北, 台湾 Taipei, Taiwan
Program : 住宅 Residence
Total Floor Area : 200 m2
© Photography by : Studio Millspace
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects