Rhombus House

Rhombus House


Set in an old residential area where houses are being abandoned, leading to large areas of urban sprawl.
The townscape has morphed from rural housing into a rundown area with abandoned land serving as parking lots. In this type of landscape, thinking of a suitable house was very important.
In this area where two or more cars are indispensable, vacant land is ensured with the front used for parking, with the house being built on the remainder of the site. It can also be said that such houses are complicit in making the town a giant parking lot, and if the neighboring house becomes a vacant land one day, the elevation that was pushed to the back side of the land until now gets abruptly exposed to the city. In order not to do so, we first created gardens at the corners of the premises and placed a house that was diagonally deformed into a rhombus. Each face of the house acting neither as the front or the back, and its garden being a buffer zone from the town and neighbor.
The four gardens can respond to various ways of use, such as stopping a car, dumping snow, becoming a playground for children, etc. It connects with the surrounding open spaces without boundaries. In the house, the obliquely planned walls create a segmentation of the space, creating comfortable places within the one room.

Location : 福井、日本 Fukui, Japan
Program : 住宅 Residence
Total Floor Area : 115 m2
© Photography by : Sadao Hotta
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects