Milksha Aoyama

Milksha Aoyama



This is the first store in Japan by this Taiwanese drink shop brand Milksha.
In Taiwan, well known for their night markets, street culture is engraved into their lifestyle. This can be seen through the direct connections between the drink stands to the streets. These unique street cultures became the core features in the design of this shop.
The site located in-between Shibuya and Omotesando is a busy yet vibrant hub full of nearby workers and students. The warm OSB plywood façade is diagonally placed to the street, forming a ‘second façade’, of which guides the pedestrians inwards naturally breaking the traditional shop front boundary. This simple geometrical designed store with the pop logo aims to be an icon of this street.

Location : 東京、日本 Tokyo, Japan
Program : ドリンクスタンド Drink stand
Total Floor Area : 40 m2
© Photography by : Keishin Horikoshi, SS Tokyo
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects