A work exhibited at the Container Art Festival invited by the Kaohsiung Museum of Art.
Kaohsiung City has the third largest port in the world, and many container ships come and go every day.
To change Kaohsiung’s image of having surrounding containers on a daily basis, we tried to re-organize container’s boxed subconscious of hard & closed image to soft & opened image.
Distributed in various directions, containers transform part of their wall into roofs, connecting & sharing the load and natural environment among each other.
It can be expanded one after another by increasing the number of containers, where people can gather and sometimes slowly indulge in thoughts alone.
We were skeptical about large amounts of containers and materials consumed in each exhibition. Not to increase the amount of wastage, we proposed imposing ourselves rules of “not to use new materials”, “reusing the container body after exhibition”, “using only recycled resources for other auxiliary materials” in terms of material selection, structural calculation, and details.

date : 2021-12
Location : 高雄、台湾 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Program : パビリオン Pavilion
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects