House and Garden Prototype Study

House and Garden Prototype Study


In recent times due to advanced IT and logistics, the relaxation of suburban life and convenience in urban life are not contradicting concepts any longer. A new metropolitan lifestyle whilst living in the suburbs has been born. The creating of a house that will serve as a receptacle for such lifestyle, the first step of the project is to return to a basic relationship such as “house and garden” and to think about the comfortable living in the peripheral area.
The majority of house makers will only consult with clients with a floor plan when selling housing as a product. The floor plan for a house targeted for a nuclear family is usually created semi-automatically considering only a few factors. It is because mostly the number of rooms and the total floor area is regarded as important when evaluating the product value. On the other hand, the garden is an afterthought, utilizing the leftover land to go with the product package. The floor plan is paramount, and the relationship between the position of the windows and the garden and the surrounding environment does not receive much consideration.
In this prototype study, we started designing while considering both the building and the garden. This is the first step to recover from the autistic way of thinking which has been applied to commercialized housing for nuclear families.

Location : 西日本 West Japan
Program : 住宅 Residence
Design Partner : Gallery Kuu
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects