Hotel in Kyoto

Hotel in Kyoto


Restoration Project for a Hotel in Kyoto
The renovation schedule had to be approximately 10 days to keep the closing period as short as possible. Although the restoration was solely for the entrance lobby, it still meant a short and intensive building schedule. Apart from inconvenient facility, few change was made to the existing plan. Instead, the scene was renovated with the art of lighting designs.
An enormous lamp shade, designed and expanded which almost could serve as a ceiling, performs as the main lighting. From there, custom-ordered pendant lamps hang with refined attitude. On the both sides of the bent lamp shade, electrodes are installed; positive terminals on one side and negative on the other, so that the pendant lamps could be hanged from any point of the colossal shade.
Moreover, the inside of the shade is pasted with sheets of gold to add a little amount of aesthetic lights to the space.
Other parts of finishings are equally carefully designed to match the ambience of texture in the room, with extra focus on the balance between light and shadow. An impressionist space was made by a fashion of lighting installation. Not by interior work, nor by planning products. By simply designing an enormous luminaire.

Location : 京都、日本 Kyoto, Japan
Program : ホテル Hotel
Total Floor Area : 685 m2
Design Partner : 岡安泉照明設計事務所 Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design
© Photography by : Keishin Horikoshi, SS Tokyo
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects