Furniture House

Furniture House


A renovation of a unit of an apartment built in a quiet area surrounded by greenery whilst being in the city center.
The partitions were removed and was made into one room, maximizing the lighting from the big window and making a gathering space for the family.
Having too many belongings, much of the previous layout could not be effectively utilized, assigning a priority to these belongings was the key to creating a distinct space. Instead of using walls, furniture was used to create areas within the room allowing more storage area.
The inflexible house where each room was closed individually has been renovated by giant furniture, so the house gently connects and becomes an opened house.

Location : 目黒、東京 Tokyo, Japan
Program : 住宅 Residence
Total Floor Area : 66 m2
© Photography by : Sadao Hotta
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects