Facade in Ginza

Facade in Ginza


Shop façade along Ginza street.
We tried to create a façade like the ripples that reflect the moonlight, which would change from moment to moment.
Since the existing architecture was authoritative structure with heavy stone pillars, we aimed to capture the elegant and familiar atmosphere of the city by creating a soft layer on the back.
The façade consists of vertical louvers made of corrugated laser-cut stainless-steel plate, with a mirror finish on the front, ultramarine pearl coating on the sides, and matte blue powder coating on the back. By changing viewpoint, it appears different facial expressions.
The façade where silence and crowds coexist while reflecting the neon lights, people, cars and surroundings in Ginza keeps changing its shape and sparkle like the surface of water depending on the wind conditions.

Location : 銀座、東京 Tokyo, Japan
Program : ショップファサード Shop Facade
Total Floor Area : 78 m2
© Photography by : Keishin Horikoshi, SS Tokyo
© Model Photo, Drawing by : Torao + Hsieh Architects